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24k Gold Plated 3-Heart Engraved Mother Necklace

Personalize our New 3 Heart Engraved Name Necklace with your children or grandchildren. Our new Moth..


24K Gold Plated Block Letters Name Necklace

If you are thinking of getting a wardrobe makeover, be assured that it is not complete without the a..


24K Gold Plated Carrie Name Necklace

Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw, the famous actress from the hit show ‘Sex and the City’, th..


24K Gold Plated Circle Initial Necklace

Look cool in the 24K Gold Plated Circle Monogram Initial necklace when you adorn it with any outfit ..


24K Gold Plated Curved Bar Necklace with Name

Want to treat yourself to a modest yet stylish fashion accessory? Look no further and make your orde..


24k Gold Plated Engraved Mother Daughter Heart Necklace Set

Keep the bond between you and your children by providing your child with a 24k Gold Plated heart wit..


24K Gold Plated Harrie Style Name Necklace

If you are shopping for something to present someone this season, this necklace will form a special ..


24K Gold Plated Initial Cut Out Disc Necklace

For a simple yet elegant personalized accessory our 24K gold plated initial cut out disc necklace is..


24K Gold Plated Medallion Monogram Necklace

Adorn your décolleté with this enchanting glimmer of gold that will brighten up any ou..


24k Gold Plated Roman Numeral Engraved Bar Necklace

Make a bold fashion statement with Onecklace's 24k Gold Plated Roman Numeral Bar Necklace. Mark ..


24k Gold Plated Small Circle Monogram Necklace

Inspire of having a small circular frame enclosing the monogram design, in this personalized necklac..


24k Gold Plated Sparkling 2 Letters Monogram Necklace

Engraved on a glowing 24K gold plated circular solid base, this pendant has two sparkling letters ca..


24k Gold Plated Split Chain Small Monogram Necklace

All our monogram necklaces are handcrafted and specially designed with the unique style of the custo..


24K Gold Plated Two Circle Necklace with Names

Name necklaces are some of the best accessories to offer as gifts since they can be customized in sp..


24K Gold Plated Two Initial Necklace

When it comes to accessorizing with fashionable jewelry, initial necklaces have always managed to be..


24k Gold Plated Two Initial Vertical Dog Tag Style Necklace

Bring a girly touch to the dog tag trend with this feminine dog tag inspired necklace. Engraved on t..


24K Gold Plated Vertical Capital Name Necklace

Personify this name necklace with your name, and not just yours, but your friends’ or spouse&r..


Bold Print Name Necklace

Enrich your name with this bold Sterling Silver print name necklace, ideal for those wanting to make..


Carrie Sparkling Name Necklace

This beautiful and radiant Carrie style necklace will adorn any outfit it is paired with and it is a..


Elephant Name Necklace

Engrave your name onto this gorgeous Sterling Silver Elefent style bold letter name pendent comes wi..