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24K Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet

Charming design form this great Anchor Bracelet, fashioned from Sterling Silver and Plated with pure..


24k Gold Plated Capital 3 Letters Negative Font Monogram Bracelet

If you are looking for the perfect wristlet that will add some glamour to your outfits, there is no ..


24K Gold Plated Carrie Name Bracelet

Honor the iconic Carrie name necklace from 'Sex and the City' but with a new, hip spin with ..


24k Gold Plated Cut Out Initial Disc Bracelet

Personalize all your jewelry down to your bracelets with our modern 24k gold plated initial bracelet..


24k Gold Plated Initial Horseshoe Bracelet

Express your love for horses and fashion with this incredible 24k gold plated initial horseshoe brac..


24K Gold Plated Name Bracelet

Gentle inscription will spell your name on this delightful adornment, immersed in aura of grace and ..


Sterling Silver 3 Sparkling Letters Monogram Necklace

Do you have a penchant for gorgeous bracelets? Well, you can personalize the sterling silver 3 spark..


Sterling Silver Carrie Name Bracelet

Inspired by the famous necklace Carrie Bradshaw wore in 'Sex and the City,' this sterling si..


Sterling Silver Engraving Monogram Bracelet

Marvelous sterling silver bracelet can be the best accessory you own and will decorate any outfit in..


Sterling Silver Infinity Bird Bracelet

Bring your unique touch to the hottest infinity trend by wearing this Infinity Bird Bracelet. It is ..


Sterling Silver Mom Bracelet

Give your Mom the perfect present with this adorable Mom Bracelet, on which the initials of every ch..


Sterling Silver Monogram Bracelet

Accessorize your outfit collection with a gorgeous sterling silver monogram bracelet which comes wit..


Sterling Silver Name Bracelet

Looking to add some chic to your fashionable outfit? Imprint your name on this stunning Sterling Sil..